Welcome To The Team Hope Public Library!!!

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We are currently working on Election Chain of Custody and 2024 Primary  Election Records.

Our Library contains Public Records Requests (PRR) from all 58 California counties. We are a small group of volunteers, who request and publicly post-election related records, as well as post insightful research and training aids we find along the way.


Since the election records are public records from all 58 California Counties, we feel they should be shared openly with the public, so we created the Team Hope Public Library. 

These record requests are formatted in a report style document.  Each of the reports have links to a copy of the correspondence and if provided, the included requested public records.   The Report Status indicates the process of the PRR such as completed, in process, or exempted.

All of the correspondence and the public election related records are downloadable and should be used as you wish.  We maintain the original documents in the vault and have chain of custody for most of the original documents if needed in court.


                                                                   GOD sent us to help you.

Having a problem downloading a record, or do you think your public record request belongs in our library?  Any questions please email us @TeamHope

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